“What you must understand about me is that I am a deeply unhappy person.❞
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for all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover. #vscocam #selfie


Space Girl Bath Bomb from a few months ago. I used two of them for the jacuzzi.


*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

Letting yourself go is an alarming notion; Of course there is something to it. I am letting myself go.
-Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye (via violentwavesofemotion)
get to know me meme: [1/10] cartoon characters
donkey; "All right, all right. I get it! I’m just so darn BORED!"

I don’t argue with people anymore even if I’m right just because I don’t fucking care

"To live is to eat others. I am… a ghoul.”

The fact that you need to cut your own skin to drain the sadness out of you is truly heartbreaking
-brokendassieechains (via brokendassieechains)